Here’s some relevant errata that don’t yet have a home anywhere else:

Student Contributor to Physics World

I am currently writing articles for the quantum section of Physics World, an internationally leading physics magazine that reports on new and exciting developments in the field.

Quantum Computer has the edge for NP-Verification (April 01, 2021)

A quantum computer has been shown to be faster than a classical one at verifying the solution to an NP-complete problem when provided with only a part of that solution.

Past Outreach

I’ve done quite a bit of science communication and outreach in my day, although sadly not as many of these endeavours have a traceable online presence (mostly talks at events and such). However, I did edit and contribute to the Edinburgh University Science magazine (EUSci):

Link to EUSci Magazine

Link to article on Quantum Consciousness in EUSci

Link to short story winner

I also recently peer reviewed an article for the Cambridge Journal of Science & Policy:

Quantum Key Distribution: Advantages, Challenges and Policy, by Victor Lovic


I am an admin on several science and tech-driven clubs on the ephemeral, recent social app Clubhouse like Science on the rocks. I organise panels and moderate rooms which host discussions on every topic from AI to Category Theory to Physics to Neuroscience.


I was back home for Christmas last year in Vilnius, Lithuania, when a cheery English hairdresser (whilst chopping away at my locks) told me he had a friend named Goda Raibytė who just happened to be a pretty prominent science journalist. She had apparently been interested in creating an episode on Quantum Information and we ended up getting in touch.

What followed was a series of exchanges, an interview on Zoom (the COVID lockdowns had recently all begun and we were in different countries at this point), a script I got to edit and curate and finally an invitation for a video interview to appear on the show. These are the fruits of our labour (note that the video is entirely in Lithuanian):

Interview 1: Radikalus Smalsumas

Of course what followed was a series of invitations to other science shows (I presume not too many Lithuanians are working in Quantum Information and have their names out in the public eye), so I ended up on two radio shows, both of which were a delight (again these are in Lithuanian so unsure if anyone finds this useful, but here we are):


Interview 3: Kosmoso departamentas